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Jewelry Care

We don’t only give you beautiful jewelry but also make sure it stays with you for a very long time, retaining its original shine.

Moissanites don’t grow dim with time and are indestructible. Any time from now, your moissanite jewelry will look as impeccable as when you first took it out of the packaging. For plating, we use thick layers of solutions and additional protective layers to make sure it doesn’t tarnish. 

However, to help your jewelry keep its original look for even longer, we would advise to follow these tips:

Remove your jewelry before:

  • Washing your hands or taking shower/bath. Chemicals in the water and all types of soap have a negative effect on the plating. 
  • Exercising or doing manual labour. Sweat your body produces may cause discoloration. 
  • Going to bed. This will help avoid accidentally breaking the piece.
  • Swimming and sunbathing. Chlorinated pool water, salty sea water, and direct sunlight damage the plating.
  • Applying skin care products or perfumes. They may cause discoloration or tarnishing.


To take care of your jewelry:

  • Use a special jewelry cloth or a soft cotton cloth to clean or dry your jewelry.
  • Avoid harsh material that can cause scratching.
  • Dry your jewelry if it gets wet. 
  • Use a closed jewelry box or soft pouch to store.